Friday, March 16, 2012

Sell THIS house... Bathroom Edition

Rachel here. We got a lot of feedback on the girls' rooms through the blog, email, and Facebook... we have awesome friends... for real. Those two rooms were causing us the most angst I think. To paint the stripes or not to paint the stripes. We decided to go ahead and leave the stripes. If it comes to needing to work into a contract funds for painting... then so be it... I'll pick up a brush. :)

We're feeling pretty confident with the rest of this joint, but I still wanted to share the pix in case someone had some crazy amazing idea and wanted to share. :) We've done/are still doing A LOT of work. Nothing too expensive because of my handy husband/father in law... but just enough to make some updates and make the place look comfy. Our home has 2.5 baths... here are 1.5... I'll share the master along with the master bedroom.

Here is the spare bathroom... aka... Reese and EG's bathroom. Fresh coat of paint, new tile floors, and new faucets. Anyone know the rules for showing a bathroom... shower curtain open or closed????? Yes I seriously just asked that. :)And our downstairs half bath. New faucet and floor.