Monday, March 12, 2012

Sell THIS house... Bedroom #2

Rachel here. We're listing our house next month. Bittersweet for sure. We've been working every waking moment of every day on projects/improvements/organizing this place. We FINALLY have ONE WHOLE ROOM that is COMPLETELY finished... well... except Bryan does need to repaint the ceiling... but other than that... completely finished. It feels good to finally be able to call a room 99.9% DONE. :)

This is Reese and Emma Grace's bedroom. I realize the wall color/stripes are not for everyone. That's absolutely one thing in the room we're ABSOLUTELY willing to change if it proves to be a continuous issue/comment getter. What would you change? What are things you're looking for in bedrooms? This is both winter/warm weather clothing... all the winter items will be removed before listing... no worries.As we finish each room, I plan on posting pictures and requesting comments/ideas if anyone has them. Please feel free to be 100% honest... we'd like to cater to as large of an audience as possible.